Our History


Lodge Oak was formed by brethren of other local lodges who felt that with the influx of population, (mainly miners), to Kelty, that the village could sustain a Masonic Lodge.


There were 7 formative meetings, held within Woods Hall in Kelty, before the lodge was granted a charter on the 4th of August 1898. It was during these formative meetings that the name of Lodge Oak was agreed, being named after the large oak tree which grew outside the hall.


The first regular meeting of the lodge was held on the 16th of August 1898, in the Cooperative Hall, with our 1st installation being held in December of that year. The lodge was consecrated on the 1st of July 1899.


Our meetings were held in Woods Hall for the first 5 years, before the present masonic hall was built in 1904, where meetings have been regularly held ever since, with the exception of the periods of the 2 world wars, when the army took over the hall for use as a first aid post, with the meetings being held in the No. 1 Inn in Kelty for the duration of the wars.


The lodge has always had a very active part in the Kelty community and the Masonic Hall is used to this day for many varying functions, with many local organisations using the hall as their meeting place. We have a very strong core of active members, traditionally drawn from the local mining community, Rosyth dockyard and the armed forces, a mix that has formed the heart of the lodge. Lodge Oak has had many prominent Masters and there is always a large turnout of Past Masters at our lodge meetings and social functions.


We currently have a strong team of office bearers, with all progressive offices filled with brethren from the columns.


In recent times the masonic hall has undergone changes that will allow the lodge to maintain its traditional standards and to enable it to become even more a part of the local community of Kelty.


At this present time, we are fortunate to have one of our members, Bro. Andrew Paterson as the Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master of Fife and Kinross, as well as several other members representing the province.